Aging Brains?

So I had a random thought I wanted to share. You know how it isn’t uncommon to remember a past event? Like the time you made a friend squirt coke out of his nose or the time you tricked a sibling to drink something they shouldn’t have (true stories)? What I found interesting was that when you’re remembering something, especially if it’s awhile back, you might be remembering an event during a time when your brain was physically less developed. For instance, if I’m 20 years old and remember something from when I was 10, my brain, scientifically speaking, hadn’t had time to develop regions, such as the frontal lobe, that would be more developed now. Note, this is the (probably) the “same” brain that I had back then, but it’s also not the same. Pretty fascinating how people are capable of remembering things like that. Of course, this is assuming memories are real and not altered or anything, but if anyone would like to have a conversation of that nature, by all means go ahead ;).

Sorry if this was confusing or didn’t make any sense. Sounded interesting in my head at least so I thought it was worth a post.