Aging Brains?

So I had a random thought I wanted to share. You know how it isn’t uncommon to remember a past event? Like the time you made a friend squirt coke out of his nose or the time you tricked a sibling to drink something they shouldn’t have (true stories)? What I found interesting was that when you’re remembering something, especially if it’s awhile back, you might be remembering an event during a time when your brain was physically less developed. For instance, if I’m 20 years old and remember something from when I was 10, my brain, scientifically speaking, hadn’t had time to develop regions, such as the frontal lobe, that would be more developed now. Note, this is the (probably) the “same” brain that I had back then, but it’s also not the same. Pretty fascinating how people are capable of remembering things like that. Of course, this is assuming memories are real and not altered or anything, but if anyone would like to have a conversation of that nature, by all means go ahead ;).

Sorry if this was confusing or didn’t make any sense. Sounded interesting in my head at least so I thought it was worth a post.



Author Signing: Maggie Stiefvater

Contrary to what the title may suggest, I only went to the author signing because I had to take my sisters there. Regardless of the reason and the fact that I myself didn’t get a book signed, I was still at the event for quite awhile and thought I would write about it, since it was my first time going to a signing. Going in, the only thing I expected was people would be in line to get their books signed, and I was partially correct. As soon as we walked in to the bookstore, though, we saw Maggie stand up on a table and begin talking, to make sure everyone could see her (She had a microphone so hearing wasn’t an issue). Continue reading


Can’t think of a good enough excuse worth posting, but there are a few things I wanted to write about soon. The first being about a game I recently finished on PS3, Journey, and the second being another game I finished, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. I may have other posts coming soon if the research I’m doing turns out to be interesting, but for now I’m gonna get started on those two. As to why I didn’t just start in this post, I wanted to give the game “review” it’s own post.


Global Brigades: Nicaragua – Final days

So I actually had a whole post and everything, but it wasn’t uploading and was lost somewhere in the interwebs, so that was pretty discouraging.

Anyways, day 5 was probably the most labor intensive out of the whole trip. It consisted of mixing cement, carrying cement, and my favorite, carrying dirt up a hill. Just thinking back makes my back sore. I’ll upload a picture of the hill later when I get a chance (unless I forget. EDIT: Finally remembered, so you can see it below)

Continue reading

Global Brigades: Nicaragua – Days 3 & 4

Day 3 was the final day of the medical brigade portion. It was in the same village, but the purpose was to accommodate to those who couldn’t make it to the first day. I was shadowing a doctor for a majority of the day, and there were really only two things that I saw being repeated. One being how grateful everyone was. At one point in time, a dad and his son had been waiting for quite some time. When it was finally their turn, someone ended up cutting them (we’ll give the benefit if the doubt and say it was an accident and I do think it was). Continue reading

Global Brigades: Nicaragua – Days 1 & 2

After setting out from my house at 4 pm Sunday, I arrived at Nicaragua at 7 pm ish on Monday. I signed up for this global brigade trip many months ago, and this winter break was when we planned to head out. Due to extreme weather conditions, all the flights got scattered, which is why it took a day longer to get here. Even though we missed a day, we were able to catch up on medicine sorting and Tuesday was the first day we would begin. Continue reading

Old update

Back in October, there was an event hosted by the MWA (Midwest Workers’ Association). They help and work with people who are in tough situations and may not be as well off. One of the ways they do this is by throwing a Halloween party, for instance, meant for the children of those families in order to make sure they felt included with all that goes on during Halloween. The party was on the 25th and there was food, music, and games kids could play to win candy. One kid found out she was good at Bozo Buckets (or whatever the game is where you want to get the ball into the bucket) and cashed in big time. Everything was run by volunteers and donations and honestly they do not expect more than they should. In short, it was a great experience.

So as with all experiences, there is usually something you can learn. I felt that it really stressed the point of unity, in the sense that no one should feel excluded. Those in different situations or backgrounds may not even be there by choice. Once you get passed that, you can be friends with really anyone. I mean, at the end of the day, we’re all people right?

In other news, our second longboarding video is up

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