Global Brigades: Nicaragua – Final days

So I actually had a whole post and everything, but it wasn’t uploading and was lost somewhere in the interwebs, so that was pretty discouraging.

Anyways, day 5 was probably the most labor intensive out of the whole trip. It consisted of mixing cement, carrying cement, and my favorite, carrying dirt up a hill. Just thinking back makes my back sore. I’ll upload a picture of the hill later when I get a chance (unless I forget. EDIT: Finally remembered, so you can see it below)


I don’t remember the details, but I know that on day 6 we only worked half a day and took the other half of to do some tourist-like things. While it felt nice to take a break, me, along with other brigaders, felt bad for not being able to finish the projects. They added on one more after we began, but it still felt like we had left them with a task that was ours. Nonetheless, they showed extreme gratitude for everything. I didn’t think that departing would be emotional, but after the mom and dad of the family said what they wanted to (there was a translator), it became increasingly difficult to leave. Not just that, but the way we left them and the native supervisors were interesting. We ended with things like “We’ll see you later” even though everyone knew somewhere inside their minds that it was unlikely all of us would be there again in that way. More importantly, language wasn’t a barrier and was, in fact, the last thing we needed to communicate.

It may sound like a cop out, but being there was a different feeling being there and with trying to put it into words.

If it wasn’t as costly as it was though, I would definitely go again and recommend it to everyone.



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