Global Brigades: Nicaragua – Days 1 & 2

After setting out from my house at 4 pm Sunday, I arrived at Nicaragua at 7 pm ish on Monday. I signed up for this global brigade trip many months ago, and this winter break was when we planned to head out. Due to extreme weather conditions, all the flights got scattered, which is why it took a day longer to get here. Even though we missed a day, we were able to catch up on medicine sorting and Tuesday was the first day we would begin. Honestly, the best part wasn’t being able to get more hands on stuff done, but the actual environment. Sure its great helping people and it pretty much will get to you when every kid cries not only when you try to take their temperature, but their parents as well, but its more than just an eye opener. You begin to appreciate the privilege of coming to another persons village and finally being the minority. Living in America, its easily to be fooled into thinking English is the best language or any other similarly false thoughts. Realizing that English wouldn’t help me brought be back down to earth.

The lights went out that night, so medicine sorting was pushed off, though only a little was left. The local pharmacist stayed up that night and pretty much finished sorting the meds.

Wednesday was a bit different since I was in “Charla” instead of Triage. Working with the kids required more of a personal touch than my previously assigned task. The amount of gratefulness shown by the kids not just to us but for what they had was – for lack of a better term – heartwarming. One girl would color for a bit then pause to look at me. I would smile, and she would respond with her own smile and then get back to coloring. Not just that, but the kids were happy just to be able to keep their colored pictures. Everyone in the community was also looking out for each other. I can easily pick out a moral, but leaving it open ended creates an opportunity to learn more.

The main reason I wanted to type all this out was for myself and anyone who wanted to learn from all this.



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